How ParkBySMS works for drivers

Using the most effective parking payment solution in the world
is as easy as sending a simple SMS text message

Driver finds a parking space
Driver sends an SMS containing only their license plate registration to a designated short-code number
ParkbySMS sends a confirmation SMS message, which covers the duration and cost of parking
The parking charge is debited directly to the driver's mobile phone bill

That’s all there is to it; no need for cash, credit cards or registration and any driver with a mobile phone can use the ParkbySMS solution. Moreover, from the point of view of the driver parking their car, this is a simple ONE-STEP process: just send your registration plate number in an SMS message!

Additional features

To add to the versatility and user-friendliness of the solution, ParkBySMS delivers a helpful SMS message 15 minutes before the parking time expires. This allows drivers to increase their parking time by an hour, up to 5 minutes before the original parking time expires.

In addition, users can also enjoy the benefits of a web portal and mobile app, so that they can track expenses as well as receive traffic and parking updates.


How ParkBySMS works for
the parking operator

ParkBySMS makes life easier for parking operators,
by delivering a comprehensive parking management system
that can be set-up and managed in six straightforward steps

Our analysts gain an in-depth understanding of your requirements

We organize one-to-one and group meetings with the key stakeholders in order to evaluate the current situation and gain a clear insight into your specific needs. At this step, we gather information about the scale of your project: the number of parking zones under your control, the total number of parking spaces, the pricing models, relevant regulations and the estimated traffic volumes.

We customize the software in order to meet your specific needs

Armed with the information collected from our meetings, we set about customizing our software, database and workflow processes to best match your specific needs, including special requirements such as on-street parking for multiple streets and locations, residents’ permits and business payments.

Once customized, the ParkbySMS solution will provide you with advanced real-time reporting which includes: parking space utilization, parking violations, revenues and insights into driver behaviour, etc.

We set-up the interactions with your designated mobile operators

In order for drivers to be able to send and receive SMS messages, first the ParkBySMS solution needs to be configured to meet the requirements of your designated mobile operators (or third-party SMS gateway provider).

Each mobile operator has different technical specifications, so your ParkBySMS Project Manager will ensure that these requirements are met and optimized in order to achieve reliable functionality and efficiency. The ParkBySMS solution has been designed with integral modular architecture to allow easy customization and fine-tuning of message interchange and billing algorithms; as a result it will work with any mobile carrier.

You will be responsible for arranging a dedicated short-code phone-number by the mobile operators exclusively for SMS parking. The driver’s SMS messages will then be relayed by the mobile operators directly to the ParkBySMS back-end where the payment is validated and processed. As long as the mobile subscriber has sufficient funds to cover the payment, the ParkbySMS solution will approve the transaction and send the driver a confirmation SMS message.

Please note that mobile operators usually charge a one-time fee for allocating a short number, and may also require additional monthly payments. This is in addition to the revenue share that they retain for each incoming premium SMS. If the ParkBySMS solution is required to differentiate between incoming messages from different cities or different parking zones (either for statistical purposes or because different parking fees apply), a separate short-code number might be needed for each distinct parking zone.

We set-up and thoroughly test the payment procedure

The mobile operator (or third-party provider) is ultimately responsible for collecting payments. To cover the cost of their role in delivering the incoming SMS messages and for shouldering the risk from non-collectable payments, they will normally retain a percentage of the value of each parking payment. This percentage varies and is subject to negotiations. An acceptable percentage is anything under 10-12%, although the figure demanded can be much higher.

At the end of the pre-agreed billable period (usually at the end of each month), the mobile operator will transfer the collected payments for the previous period (minus their share of the revenue) to the parking operator, usually via electronic wire transfer.

To ensure accuracy across all transactions, the ParkBySMS solution can be configured to provide a summary of the expected income at the end of each billing period. A detailed print-out of all billed messages for the period can also be obtained, to assist in dispute resolution.

We train your staff

An important element is the comprehensive training of your staff to make the very most of the ParkBySMS solution.

This training covers the handling of all hardware and software components, including the use of industrial-grade handheld PDA devices and the associated automatic number-plate recognition software. Our comprehensive program will train staff on how to access the payment status of every parked vehicle and how to provide active feedback. We will train one or more designated administrative staff to work with the web-based ParkBySMS back-end software in order to adjust operational settings and to generate and peruse reports and statistics.

Where appropriate, training also covers our very latest innovation ViewCop. This cutting-edge multi-functional head-mounted unit is controlled by state-or-the-art software in order to provide real-time automatic number plate recognition and fast wireless access to your ParkbySMS database.

We provide on-going maintenance, support and servicing

Of course, any large-scale system like ParkBySMS would be useless without a comprehensive technical support and maintenance programme. Luckly, we not only ensure that the ParkBySMS solution is working at maximum efficiency at all times, we also include on-going fine-tuning of your customized solution and handle its expansion when required.