Using the ParkbySMS solution

What is ParkbySMS?

ParkbySMS is an innovative technological solution that solves many problems related to on-street parking all at once. It enables anyone with any mobile phone to pay for their parking time quickly and easily, simply by sending a single SMS message (no other steps required, before or after).

Do I have to use a smartphone?

No. Any mobile phone can be used as long as it is capable of sending SMS text messages.

How does the payment process work?

Drivers send an SMS message containing their vehicle registration number to a dedicated number. Providing that there are sufficient funds to cover the cost, the parking charge is debited directly to their mobile phone bill and the ParkBySMS solution sends a confirmation SMS in return.

How do you know when the payment period is ending?

The ParkBySMS solution delivers a helpful SMS message 15 minutes before the parking time expires.

Can I increase my parking time?

Yes. Drivers can increase their parking time by an hour at any time, simply by sending an additional empty SMS message.

What if I own more than one vehicle?

Because ParkBySMS does not require any registration, anyone can pay for any vehicle simply by sending the vehicle's registration plate number in an SMS text message. As a convenience feature, the last used vehicle number is memorized by the system. This means that sending an empty SMS always pays for the last vehicle for which a payment was made with this mobile phone.

How does control and enforcement work?

Parking wardens are equipped with industrial-grade hand-held PDA devices (which can be complete with automatic number-plate recognition software). This enables the wardens to access the payment status of every parked vehicle, including data about prior payments, as well as to provide location and other relevant data back to the system.

How does ParkBySMS compare to other similar solutions?

Unlike most other similar solutions, with ParkbySMS there is no need for cash, credit cards or registration, parking meters, ticket machines or paper tickets; all a driver needs is a mobile phone. It is entirely possible, however, to implement ParkBySMS as an alternative parking payment method in your city, alongside any existing system. In our experience, because of the remarkable ease of use of our solution, drivers eventually abandon all other parking payment methods in favour of ParkBySMS.

Does it support different parking zone tariffs?

Absolutely. The beauty of the ParkbySMS solution is that it is fully customizable. As a result it can be tailored to cover your specific requirements, including: different parking zone tariffs across multiple streets, multiple locations, residents’ permits, business payments, etc.

Can ParkbySMS work alongside other parking payment methods?

Yes. ParkBySMS is perfectly suited to be implemented either as a stand-alone solution or as an additional parking payment method; where it works seamlessly with other parking solutions, including parking meters. Furthermore, the ParkBySMS reporting back-end can be configured to gather, analyse and present information from all other parking payment methods; delivering a comprehensive overview of financial and operational performance in order to help you optimize your decision making. In our experience once ParkBySMS is implemented, it quickly becomes the number one choice for parking payments, thanks to its sheer simplicity and the extra convenience features.

Implementing the ParkbySMS solution

Can you assist us in the implementation of the ParkbySMS solution in our area?

Yes. The ParkbySMS solution can be introduced in any area where there is mobile phone coverage and our highly experienced team is available to help you every step of the way.

What is required to start the implementation process?

The parking operator responsible for paid parking within the city must first work with the local government to develop the relevant parking regulation and a 5-year business plan. The business plan should cover the capital and operational expenses that relate to managing paid parking in your urban area, regardless of the parking payment method. Our experienced team can provide full assistance and consultations to help you develop a comprehensive business plan.

What expenses will we incur?

Staff salaries, technical support, electricity and communications bills and an advertising budget are all necessary elements that contribute to a successful solution. Having said that, the ParkBySMS solution actively minimizes (and in some cases completely eliminates) many of the traditional expenses, especially the enormous costs associated with handling cash.

What other factors are required for a successful implementation?

The most important factor is ensuring maximum collaboration between the various parties involved: the municipality, the parking operator, the mobile carriers and local partners. Our team will draw up a detailed, step-by-step implementation plan for your project, whereby each party's responsibilities are clearly set out within a viable schedule.

What is the biggest challenge?

One of the biggest challenges in implementing premium SMS parking payments is negotiating an acceptable revenue sharing model with the mobile carriers, which must be agreed before any technical work on the implementation can begin. As soon as the agreement is in place and all parties have accepted their responsibilities, the project implementation can begin and the complete solution will be in place and working promptly.

We currently use a different solution, how can we switch to ParkBySMS?

If you are already using a similar solution which isn’t living live up to your expectations, we strongly recommend that you introduce ParkBySMS as an alternative payment method and allow drivers to choose for themselves. After a few months, the preferred choice will be obvious and a truly informed decision can be made as to whether to keep or retire the existing system.

How quickly do drivers take to ParkbySMS?

ParkBySMS is the kind of solution that people talk about a lot. Providing the newly implemented solution is properly advertised and displayed at the beginning, as soon as people start using ParkBySMS they quickly tell their family and friends. Within the first two months, almost everyone in the city will know about the benefits of the ParkBySMS solution, simply by word of mouth.

What is included in a ParkBySMS solution?

Everything you need to manage, monitor and collect parking payments. The ParkBySMS comprehensive solution includes: the ParkBySMS software platform, including an open-source (licence-free) operating system & database; all hardware and networking equipment; industrial-grade handheld PDA devices; automatic number-plate recognition software; full integration with designated mobile operators; integral parking management consulting; full staff training and on-going technical support & maintenance.

Where else is the ParkBySMS solution used?

ParkBySMS has been used most notably in Sofia the capital of Bulgaria since 2007; where it covers the entire ‘Blue Zone’ of 120 streets and 15,000 parking spaces.

Has it been proven to be successful?

Absolutely. In Sofia, ParkBySMS has increased daily revenues from €20,000 to over €50,000, while reducing operating costs by 60%. Furthermore, it has had a near 100% up-take among drivers and as a result processes 160,000 parking payments every day amounting to more than 210,000,000 successful transactions since the solution was introduced.

Working in partnership with
A115 and the ParkbySMS solution

What are the prerequisites for partnering with A115 in order to sell the ParkBySMS solution?

If your organization would like to partner with us for the purpose of implementing the ParkBySMS solution in a given region, you must demonstrate that you have a strong existing working relationship with the parking authority in your target city (or cities) and that you are in a position to negotiate revenue sharing terms with the mobile operators in your region. You must also purchase a 1-year representative license.

Can we have exclusive rights to sell across our country or region?

Depending on your country, we may or may not be able to make you an offer for an exclusive representative license. These are only issued for a period of 6 months, so it only makes sense to pursue this if your company is already in a strong position to move ahead with implementing the solution.

We qualify and wish to sell ParkBySMS in our country / region, what next?

Please get in touch with us using the contact form on our website and make sure your provide all of the required information. Someone from our team will then be in touch with you shortly.