The most extraordinary parking payment solution in the world


Saves Time

Eliminates inconvenient cash and card payments, saves time and is always available



Fast, reliable and secure system with consistently optimal performance



Easy to extend parking time remotely, thanks to timely SMS reminders



Allows parking operator to easily control, enforce and evaluate parking policy


million payments

8 yrs

since its launch


adoption rate


increased revenues

Frequently Asked Questions about ParkBySMS

On-street parking payments made simple

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For decades, governments, local authorities and private parking operators have been searching for answers to the growing problem of urban on-street parking. Today, Urban Management Solutions is proud to offer a refreshingly simple, globally relevant solution to this issue.

Our solution is called ParkBySMS.

Innovative, yet incredibly simple to use, ParkBySMS has capitalized on the popularity of mobile phones and SMS text messaging around the world and combined it with cutting-edge software technology. The result is a revolutionary approach that has already successfully and smoothly completed over 210,000,000 SMS parking payments (and counting!).

ParkBySMS delivers the most efficient solution on the market, by a number of factors. It is easy to use, easy to set-up and monitor, fully customizable, scalable, environmentally-friendly and is proven to drastically lower costs while increasing revenues.

Discover for yourself the reasons why ParkBySMS is widely regarded as the easiest and more effective parking payment solution in the world.